Repentance: What questions to ask - Week Two

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Prep Time

“What questions to ask”

Luke 3:7-14


  1. What are you doing here?
  2. What is repentance?
    • Turning from sin,
    • to God,
    • demonstrated in how you live.
  1. What do you need to repent of?
    • Sins of commission- Doing what God has told us not to do.
    • Sins of omission- Not doing what God has told us to do.
  1. What should you do?

Give generously.

Don’t be greedy.

Be trustworthy.

Don’t take advantage of people.

Don’t accuse people falsely.

Be content.

  1. What is the Holy Spirit prompting you to do or stop doing?