Throwdown in the Desert - Week Four

Fighting for Your Life

“Throwdown in the Desert”

Luke 4:9-13

Satan takes Jesus to a high point

  • A place Jesus had been before: Luke 2:49
  • Satan follows the “if” with a “what if
  • Satan challenges Jesus to prove something to:
    • God: He acknowledges his sonship, He cares, He’s present
    • People: you are their Messiah
  • Prove it how?
    • Jump = “Throw yourself down from here” (ESV)
    • The invitation = “follow me
    • The backstory = (Isaiah 14:12-15|Luke 10:18-20)
  • Satan quotes scripture to prove his point: Psalm 91:11-12


Jesus takes Satan to a low point

  • A place Satan had been before…Exodus 17
  • Jesus doesn’t debate, he debunks = “expose the sham
  • What Jesus proves:
    • He is the Rock immovable & miraculous - 1 Corinthians 10
    • His complete trust is in the Father - Psalm 91:1-4
    • The “if” lived out means victory - Psalm 91:9-13


Ringside lessons regarding testing and temptation:

  • It will continue - Mark 1:13, Matt. 16:22-25: 27:40-43
  • It will divide us from or deepen us in - developing faith that can move mountains (Matt. 17:20-21)
  • It will expose the source for our
    • Hunger = the Word (Jesus)
    • Worship = the Father
    • Thirst = the Spirit
  • It will empower God’s indwelling Spirit anew for what lies ahead


Core CHRIST-like Characteristics:  Connected to God through the Word and prayer, Heart of Worship, Spirit-led servant.



Friday Focus:  Join us Sunday for the final round of 3: the Throwdown in the Desert! Jesus and Satan have been battling and in this last round, the Devil pulls some punches he has not thrown before.  Are you ready for the next unexpected swing the enemy has for you?  Are you trained up and ready to cover when it matters most?  Come ringside Sunday to watch and learn from the greatest Fighter who ever lived and still lives: Jesus Christ!