Simon Says - Week Five | Lorain Campus

People Meeting Jesus

“Simon Says”

Luke 7:36, 39-47


Simon and Jesus’ pickleball game:


Simon invited          |           Jesus accepted

(false pretense)                   (willing participant)


Simon thought        |           Jesus answered

(condemnation)                  (revelation)


Simon says              |           Jesus presented

(Say it)                                   (a parable)


Simon heard            |           Jesus invited

(debt ledger)                        (debt forgiver)


What is Jesus saying?

“You are seen

“You are heard

“You are known

“You are forgiven



LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  • Begin Life Group with prayer - invite the Holy Spirit to speak and move among you.
  • Ice breaker: What’s your favorite game that includes the use of a paddle or racquet? Why do you love it or hate it?
  • Looking at the stories of people meeting Jesus in this series (including the current text), which person have you most identified with and why?
  • Look at John 3 and do some comparison and contrast between Nicodemus and Simon - the only 2 Pharisees who are recorded and named having an intimate encounter with Jesus. Share what you discover.
  • Descart once said “I think, therefore I am” meaning “I am thinking, therefore I exist.” How do we allow our thinking, wisdom and prejudices to get in the way of seeing Jesus for who He truly is - just like Simon?
  • What leads us to thinking that our debt is smaller compared to others? How do we do the same thing to other people around us?
  • How can we get to a place of proper thinking about our own sin and allow Jesus to speak to our thoughts and even change our thoughts to agree with His insight?
  • End your time asking Jesus to see your thoughts, expose misconceptions and bring clarity so that we can live rightly before Him - humble, surrendered and full of grace and compassion: just like Him!

Core CHRIST-like Characteristics: Relates with Other-centered love, Living Surrendered