Pay Attention to Your Attention | Week Nine

Sunday, June 30, 2024

Act(s) Now

“Pay Attention to Your Attention”

Acts 16:1-15


Paying attention led Paul to an unlikely disciple

  • Unlikely background
  • Unlikely conflict
  • Unlikely results

Paying attention led Paul in an unexpected direction

  • Unexpected waiting
  • Unexpected vision
  • Unexpected conclusion

Paying attention led Paul to an unbelievable conversion

  • Unbelievable approach
  • Unbelievable response
  • Unbelievable invitation

Our addiction to distraction brings about the likely, expected and believable, but following Jesus with full attention on Him brings us to God’s unlikely, unexpected and unbelievable!

Core CHRIST-like Characteristics: Connected to God through the Word & prayer, intentional evangelism, Spirit-led servant, trustworthy steward of God’s resources.

LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. Begin Life Group with prayer - invite the Holy Spirit to speak and move among you. Ask the Father to give you all the ability to sit at the feet of Jesus and give Him your full attention.
  2. Ice breaker: Those of you old enough to know, share with the younger what it was like to live without seatbelts, airbags, cell phones and computers. What have we gained and what have we lost?
  3. In this text we see the genesis of Paul & Timothy’s relationship. In Paul’s 2 letters to Timothy, we see the heart of his discipleship towards the end of their journey together. Scan both letters to see Paul’s approach to discipling Timothy - what do you learn?
  4. Share a story from your life, or your family's lives regarding waiting. What was your reaction to a closed door from God? Did it resolve or are you still waiting? What have you learned about yourself and the Lord?
  5. God opened Lydia’s heart to respond to the Good News. What fruit came after her “yes” to Jesus? Acts 16:15; 40.
  6. These three stories illustrate the importance of us keeping our full attention on Jesus and what He is doing and then obediently joining Him in that activity. What needs to change in order for our Lord to have your undivided attention throughout the day?
  7. This week you will receive daily prompts to stoke the fires of attention to the work of God around you. As you obey the Spirit’s leading, share your stories with one another, encourage each other and pray for one another!