Now and Later - Week Three (Lorain Campus)

Sunday, November 19, 2023


“Now and Later”

Luke 6:21b, 25b






(4) now WEEPING

(5) later LAUGHING

(6) Attentive to God & His Kingdom

(7) Ignorant of God

(8) attuned to man’s Kingdom

(9) now LAUGHING

(10) later WEEPING



LifeGroup Questions: Apply the Teaching to Our Lives

  • Begin Life Group with prayer - invite the Holy Spirit to speak and move among you.
  • What’s your preference: weeping or laughing? Why? What are the benefits and dangers of both?
  • Storytime: share a time in your life when weeping turned to laughing OR when laughing turned to weeping.
  • As a group, read (silently or aloud) Psalm 51 and discuss the following:
    • What’s the context? What situation is David in from our notes today? Weeping to laughing or laughing to weeping?
    • Take a closer look at verses 16 and 17. Which approach does this illustrate from our text today?
  • How can we as a church and especially as a life group, keep one another attentive to God and His kingdom and avoid slipping into an ignorance of God?
  • Spend time going over the handout from service Sunday - how can lament, self examination & confession help us to stay alert to God’s kingdom? What are the benefits of these practices?
  • Spend time together as you end praying some of these prayers of lament or confession. Perhaps break into groups as men or women or break into 2’s or 3’s to have closer conversations.


Core CHRIST-like Characteristics: Connected to God through the Word and prayer, Heart of Worship