Blessings of the Deep - Week Three (Lorain Campus)

Sunday, August 06, 2023

Into the Deep

"Blessings of the Deep"

Luke 5:12-16



Jesus is going town to town because:

Jesus understood his purpose

Jesus trusted the process
Jesus fulfills the mission


A man came along who was covered with Leprosy:

Leprosy cost Physical touch
Leprosy cost Emotional health
Leprosy cost Social community

Jesus reached out his hands and touched the man I am willing he said Be Clean And Immediately the leprosy left him

Jesus Physical touch validated the leper.
Jesus willingness validates his emotion.
Jesus response to the lepers request validated his faith and reconnected him socially.








LifeGroup Questions:  Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. What was Jesus purpose on earth?
  2. What did the leper have to endure to get close to Jesus?
  3. When did you find yourself running to God?
  4. When do you find yourself running away?
  5. What's your first reaction when God delivers a prayer?
  6. What's your prayer routine?