Stewardship, in its simplest understanding, is the realization that everything in our possession is a gift from God that we’re called to manage God’s ways, for God’s glory. Immediately people will point to finances. Sure, that’s part of it. However, how did we come into those finances? Our belief is that stewardship should be an umbrella for our approach to our time, talent, and, yes, our treasures.


To better lead our people, we introduce, Trilogy.

In the coming months, and years, we plan to offer engaging curriculum, activities, and events to challenge, stretch, and grow our congregation, community and region in the area of stewardship and generosity. Including:

  • Practical classes and workshops
    • Financial Peace University
    • Budgeting Basics
    • Preparing Your Kid and Wallet for College
    • Retire Inspired
  • Focused studies
    • 2350
    • Christ the Steward
    • How to Be Generous
  • Book Studies
    • The Blessed Life
    • The Seven Money Types
    • God and Money
  • Events
    • Smart Money Live
    • #40Acts
    • Dollar Club
    • Night of Worship and Generosity

Fully embracing what it means to Live Surrendered can’t be complete without understanding stewardship. When realized, true stewardship will result in a lasting impact on families, the community, and the world. We believe that the Bible has more to say about money and possessions not because it’s important to God or his church, but because God knows how important it is to us! For this reason, much of the structure we want to provide for people will center around money and finance, but we believe that a surrendering of this area (one on which so many are struggling to get a handle) to God will naturally cause the other areas – time and talent – to fall in line accordingly.