The Cohort

Where: Elyria Campus, Room 200
When: Every other Monday, 6:30-8:30pm, beginning March 18 and ending July 1.
Who: Those who are interested in learning to teach, lead, and dig deeper into their faith in an academic style.

The Cohort is a comprehensive look at Christian Theology and Biblical Studies broken down over a series of units to help believers grasp the faith, Develop Understanding, and be well prepared to pass it along to others. If you feel called to an intensive discipleship path, or to teach the Bible, but aren’t sure where to start, then The Cohort is for you! Join us for discussion and study as we dig into the richness of the Christian faith!

The Cohort is led by Alan Schafer who has been teaching the Bible at the collegiate level for 35 years. This is valuable because it is a very cost effective way to get a college-level training from a Moody Professor in Biblical Studies and Theology.

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About Alan Schafer
I have taught the Bible since 1988, coming up on 35 years. I received my bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College near my hometown of Kipton, Ohio, where I majored in Physics with almost a minor in Religion. There I was exposed to the secular views on the Bible, but that did not phase me as I was well grounded in the inspiration and authority of Scripture. What it did do was give me a thorough understanding of the liberal, anti-supernatural thinking of secular scholarship as it relates to the Bible. In 1990 I received a Master’s Degree in Religion from Liberty University. My area of interest theologically is that of Bibliology and Hermeneutics. A second area of interest would be Theology Proper. Looking back over my teaching career, I have taught extensive courses on Hermeneutics, Bibliology, and Old and New Testament Surveys more than a dozen times. In addition, I have taught all major Bible doctrines on at least four separate occasions at the undergraduate level. In 2023 I completed a Master of Arts in Biblical Languages at Liberty University and am currently enrolled in the PhD in Biblical Exposition program at Liberty Universe. You can view more of my work and teaching at

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Apr 15 2024


Room 200
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Elyria Campus
43275 Telegraph Rd. Elyria, OH 44035
Alan Schafer


Alan Schafer

Other Organizers

Clayton Wright
Clayton Wright
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