Your Spiritual DNA Test - Week Six

 Learning to Breathe

“Your Spiritual DNA Test”

Romans 8:5-17; Psalm 139:23-24

Who would you rather spend more time with:

  • God

  • Jesus

  • Holy Spirit


Romans 8:5-17

Holy Spirit –

  • Presence

  • Power

  • Purposes


The Holy Spirit creates in us:

  1. v.5-10 The mind of Christ

  2. v. 11-13 Death defying power

  3. v. 14-17 A new identity


How can I see more of the Holy Spirit in my life? Psalm 139:23-24

  • Read his word

  • Breakthrough prayer

  • Shared experiences


Ask the Spirit to search you and test you. What has been the everlasting way he has led you to.


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