When Heaven Intercepts History - Week Nine (Avon Lake Campus)

“When Heaven Intercepts History”
2 Kings 19

● Prayer brings heaven into ________________.
● The Assyrians were invading, and the leadership of Hezekiah was
○ How did he respond? Hezekiah _______________. ○ Pain is always an ______________________ to pray
● Hezekiah ____________________!
● Prayer pulls down something God already
______________________________ to do.
● Every great move of God in history comes on heels of prayer
● When you pray, God moves.
● Praise God for who He is. Praise His name and give Him the glory He is due.
● Thank the Lord for the mighty acts He has done throughout history.
● Pray that God will give us the heart of Hezekiah and instill in us a
lifestyle of prayer.
● Cry out for the lost in Avon Lake and the boldness to reach them for
● Pray and ask for a move of God among His people in Northeast
Ohio; that He would empower His church in a fresh way. O God, light a fire in us! Give us bravery and boldness that is rooted in Christ.
● Cry out for the broken families in our communities. Pray that God would restore what has been damaged.
● Cry out for a deeper desire to grow in our love and understanding of the Bible. May we hunger for God’s Word.