What to Watch for When Tempted - Week Three

Fighting for Your Life

“What to Watch for When Tempted”

Luke 4:5-8


In every temptation there is a bigger picture and a greater danger than you can see.


That’s why Jesus repeatedly warned his disciples to watch


  1. Watch out for what Satan does:

Watch out for:

  • where Satan tries to take you
  • what Satan tries to show you
  • what Satan tries to say to you
  • what Satan tries to promise you
  • where Satan tries to attack you
    • Satan’s temptation is an attack on Jesus’ relationship with the Father.
  • what the greater danger is:
    • intimacy with God; ability to save
  1. Watch what Jesus does:
  • Fights with the Sword of the Spirit: the Word of God
    • To use the Word we have to know the Word
  1. Watch for the bigger picture:
  • Character of God
    • Will we trust God?
    • Jesus’ response is an affirmation of His relationship with the Father.
    • Worship deepens
  • Worship of God
    • Everyone worships something or someone.
    • Worshipping God is our response of love and loyalty to Him alone for who He is and what He’s done.
    • Worship is a choice.