What Jesus is looking for - Week One

 People Meeting Jesus

“What Jesus is looking for”

Luke 7:1-10



How do you come to Jesus? (By works or by faith?)

  1. Trying to convince Jesus to help you.
  • “I deserve
  • “I’ve been self-sacrificial.”
  • “I’m religious.”
  • “I’ve done good deeds.”
  • “I help
  • “I’m better than most.”
  1. Trusting that Jesus will help you.
  • Not because you “deserve” it.
  • You’re helpless to change your condition.
  • Your hope is in His goodness and willingness.
  • You trust in the power of His word.
  • You submit to His authority.
  • You’re completely dependent on Him.
  • You trust His decision.

Jesus isn’t looking for great deeds, but great faith.


Trusting Jesus is the “sweet spot” for those living as His disciples.