What Happens When We Get to Know Jesus? - Week One

Getting to Know Jesus

“What Happens When We Get to Know Jesus?”

Luke 4:20-30


Getting to know Jesus is something that we can’t afford to ignore.


We all have misconceptions about Jesus that need to be addressed.

  • The people of Nazareth had misgivings about Jesus’ identity, mission, and audience.
    • Identity: Jesus has become a great teacher, but He’s no Messiah.
    • Mission: Jesus is here to serve our
    • Audience: Jesus will give special preference to certain people.


  • Jesus intentionally confronts our misconceptions because He wants to be known by us.
    • Mission: Jesus came to be crushed so that we could be healed.
    • Audience: Jesus came for everyone impacted by the curse of sin.
    • Identity: Jesus is the long awaited Messiah, the savior of the world, and the rightful King over all creation.


Whenever we learn something about Jesus, it’s an invitation to respond to Jesus.

  • We can reject Jesus and serve ourselves.
  • We can “surrender” to Jesus on our
  • We can surrender to Jesus on His


Big Idea: If we’re going to get to know Jesus for who He is, it all starts with surrender.


Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Living Surrendered; Connected to God through Word and Prayer