Unfailing Love - Week Two

The Love That Launched Christmas

“Unfailing Love”

Psalm 130:7-8

God’s unfailing love is demonstrated to us through His:


  1. Unshakable Lovingkindness


In the worst circumstances of your life, God loves you with an unfailing love that will carry you through whatever you’re facing.


  1. Compassionate Mercy


When we fall into sin, God comes to us and offers a forgiveness that is rich in unfailing love and mercy.


  1. Never-ending Faithfulness


Though we fail to love well, the faithful, unfailing love of the Lord never wavers.


  1. Tenacious Persistence


When we’ve strayed from God, He chases us down with a fierce, persistent, unfailing love, and calls us back to Himself.


God’s love is reckless in that He extravagantly pours out His love on people who He knows will oppose Him, neglect Him, and reject Him.



LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. Have you ever received a Christmas gift and thought after you opened it, “this person loves me well?” What was the gift and why was it so impactful?
  2. “Love unexpressed is love unknown” is a favorite phrase Pastor Jim has repeated to describe how important it is to express and communicate the love you have for someone. What other passages or stories from the Bible can you think of that illustrates God expressing His love to humanity?
  3. The phrase “unfailing love” is one of many ways to capture some of the meaning of the Hebrew word “khesed.” It simply cannot be sufficiently translated or captured in English by one or two equivalent words. We explored four phrases, but still didn’t capture all of the meaning inherent in this wonderful word. But of the four phrases we did look at, which one is most meaningful to you? Why? Spend some time on this question, and if anyone is struggling with understanding one of the four, discuss it together so you each come to a clearer understanding.
  4. Has it been relatively easy or hard for you to grasp that God loves you as deeply and thoroughly as He does? Why?
  5. How has God’s unfailing love wooed you towards relationship to him? How have you been affected by this type of love?
  6. Close in prayer, asking God to reveal more of each of the facets of His “unfailing” love to each of us.