The Struggle to Love Well - Week Five

Expanding Your Circle of Love

“The Struggle to Love Well”

Luke 6:27-36



  1. Jesus’ commands to love
  • Love the Lord Your God
  • Love your neighbor
  • Love your enemies
  • Love one another
  1. Jesus’ challenge to love
  • Jesus is expanding our circle of love.
  • Everyone has someone they struggle to love.
  • Question: “What does it look like to love this person well?”
  1. Jesus’ examples of love:
  • “Welcoming” sinners
  • Full of grace and truth
    • Jesus’ commands focus on love not truth
    • Finding the balance
  • Question: “Am I loving like Jesus?”
  1. Jesus’ risk of love
  • Being misunderstood
  • Being rejected
  • Being crucified