The Skill Every Father Needs - Week Five

 Learning to Breathe

“The Skill Every Father Needs”

Luke 4:22, Mark 6:2-3, Matthew 1:18-20, John 20:22



Every good father wants his children to surpass him, to do better than him.


3 kinds of fathers:


  1. The self-centered father


Put their wants and needs ahead of everyone else.


  1. The child-centered father


A child raised in a child-centered home, is being trained to be a self-centered person.


  1. The God-centered father
  • Obey God
  • Trust God
  • Live full of the Spirit of God

How do I live full of God’s Spirit? Keep getting filled; practice spiritual breathing.


The skill every father needs to learn and teach his children: to breathe in God’s Spirit to help and strengthen us and to breathe out spiritual toxins that poison us.