Stumbling Over Jesus - Week Three

 People Meeting Jesus

“Stumbling Over Jesus”

Luke 7:18-30


  1. Reasons we stumble over Jesus:
  • Confusion
  • Wrong expectations
  • Disappointment
  • Doubt
  • Hurt
  1. How to keep from stumbling:
  • Acknowledge what you’re experiencing.
    • don’t deny it
    • don’t stuff it
  • Direct your questions to people who can help you.
    • don’t make assumptions
    • examine your expectations
  • Keep pursuing Jesus
    • don’t avoid him
    • don’t reject him
  1. How Jesus responds to us:
  • He doesn’t shame or condemn us
  • He lovingly addresses our concerns
  • He remains faithful

When everything is being shaken around you, keep pursuing Jesus. When everything else fails, He won’t.