Staying strong in the struggle | Week Seven (Vermilion Campus)

Sunday, June 16, 2024

“Staying strong in the struggle”

Acts 16:22-34

Act(s) now series













CHRIST-LIKE CHARACTERISTICS: all of them! Can you name them and explain how they all show up?


  1. What is a favorite memory of your Father?


  1. What were your first thoughts from the sermon? How did God speak to you as we opened His Word?


  1. The Bible is full of stories of Godly men and women facing beatings, torture and imprisonment and they maintain their faith. Why do believers today often still choose to doubt or walk away from God during struggles? What practical steps can we take to maintain our faith when we face injustice or suffering?


  1. How can engaging in worship rather than worry help us stay faithful during our own challenging circumstances?


  1. Paul and Silas chose to stay even when it seemed like God had provided a way of escape. How can we discern when to wait on God’s timing rather than taking immediate action in difficult situations?


  1. Paul and Silas’ faith led to the jailer and his household being saved. What is a relationship or situation that you may be trying to escape that God is calling you to remain faithful and stay to influence others for the kingdom?