Solid in the storm - Week Four (Vermilion Campus)

Discipleship Questions

“Solid in the storm”

Luke 6:46-49



Question: Do your actions reflect a life ruled by Jesus?


Jesus doesn’t require obedience because “I said so.”

He desires obedience because a storm is about to blow.


Jesus didn’t promise us safety FROM the storm.

He promised a place to stand solid IN our storm.

God uses His faith-fullness in our storms to encourage others in theirs.


Question: Will you stand solid in the storm?







LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Lives

  1. What is the craziest storm (blizzard, tornado etc.) you’ve encountered in your life?
  2. Jesus often uses everyday images like sand, stone and storms to teach his followers. What stands out to you about a house built on sand vs. stone?
  3. Name some common ways people call Jesus “Lord” but don’t follow his teachings.
  4. What are some sand-like foundations you have built your life on? How did they hold up under difficulty?
  5. If Jesus warns us that a storm bent on destruction is coming, why are so many Christians surprised when it comes? What needs to change?
  6. Who is someone that has modeled a life of standing solid on Jesus teachings even during extreme difficulties? How has that encouraged you?
  7. What is a storm (current or past) that challenged your faith in Jesus teachings?
  8. How are you sharing God’s faithfulness during storms in your life to encourage other members of this church?





CHRISTlike Characteristic: All of them! This is all about becoming like Him completely.