Simon Meets Jesus - Week Five | Elyria Campus

People Meeting Jesus

“Simon Meets Jesus”

Luke 7:36, 39-47



Your perspective is determined by what you see.


  1. What Simon saw: The perspective of pride.
  • Simon focuses on ritual purity rather than loving people.
  • Simon sees the woman for her reputation, and treats her like a danger to be avoided.
  • Simon judges Jesus for allowing a sinful woman to wash His feet.


Application: Pride produces a self-focused perspective that limits your ability to love.


  1. What Jesus saw: The perspective of grace.
  • Jesus saw the condition of Simon’s heart.
  • Jesus saw two debtors: Both owed a debt they couldn’t pay, and both were in need of God’s unmerited forgiveness.
  • Jesus saw an opportunity to love: Jesus absorbs the offense and confronts the sin.


Take Home Truth: Only when we see our need for grace will we be free to love like Jesus.