Preparing for a Great Move of God - Week One

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Prep Time

“Preparing for a Great Move of God”

Luke 3:1-6


A great move of God requires a great preparation.


  1. How God prepared for His great move (revelation)
  • God bypassed the famous and powerful
  • God sent His own messenger
  1. How we prepare for God’s great move (repentance)
  • Some of God’s greatest truths are found in metaphors. Our job is to find the message in the metaphor.


Metaphor: “valley” was a metaphor for anxiety and fear

Message: Fill in the valleys of fear by trusting in God.


Metaphor: “mountains and hills” were metaphors for idolatry and pride

Message: Tear down the idols of any competing loves.


Metaphor: “crooked” was a metaphor for deceit and corruption

Message: Straighten crooked paths of deceit with truth.


Metaphor: “rough” was a metaphor for obstacles and hindrances

Message: Remove any obstacles to connecting with God.


  • Repentance and surrender prepare the way for God to move in your life and our world.