Origin story-The power of prayer | Week Two (Vermilion Campus)

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Act(s) Now

Origin story-The power of prayer

Acts 1:12-15









CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected to God Through the in Word and Prayer/Loving God


LifeGroup Questions:  Applying the Teaching to Our Lives

  1. Here’s a question…do you really need to discuss John’s sermon or would your time be better used praying together? I’ve listed questions below if needed, but I highly suggest just boldly approaching the throne of grace instead. Love, John.
  2. What origin story (fictional or real) fascinates you and why?
  3. What did the Holy Spirit speak to you from the opening of God’s Word? What are your first thoughts?
  4. Read Matt. 6:5-8 As a group, list the principles Jesus says are the way to pray correctly. Do these truths encourage you or discourage you? Why?
  5. Who is someone in your life whose prayers have impacted you or someone you love in a profound way? Explain your answer.
  6. Read Matt. 6:9-13. Jesus begins by saying “THIS is how you should pray…”. How might this help a person struggling with prayer? How should His prayer shape ours? List some key principles.
  7. Acts 1:14 says the church in Acts “joined together constantly in prayer”. Could this be said of our church NOW? Why or why not? What needs to change in you (don’t focus on others) for our church to become a “house of prayer”?
  8. Who is one person you are praying for, believing that God’s kingdom and rule will come over their life?