Loving Your Enemies - Week One

Expanding Your Circle of Love

“Loving Your Enemies”

Luke 6:27-28, 35


Jesus calls us to expand our circle of love. He starts with loving our enemies.


Who are your enemies?

  1. People who are hostile toward you
  2. People who you don’t get along with
  3. People who you may begin to feel hostility toward
  4. People who are close and far (personal to political, past to present)
  5. People Jesus calls and commands you to love

How do you love your enemies?

  1. Do Good to Them
  • It’s an action not a feeling
  • It’s an act of the will not emotion
  • Show kindness to them
  • Speak respectfully to them
  • Serve them
  1. Bless Them
  • Ask God to bless them
  • Speak blessing over them
  • Refuse to speak evil of them
  1. Pray for Them
  • Ask God to help them
  • Ask God to heal them
  • Forgive them

Why love your enemy?

  1. We become more like Jesus
  2. We become more like the Father
  3. We tangibilify the love of God
  4. Because God has loved you