Jesus’ Soundtracks - Week Two

Sunday, August 20, 2023


“Jesus’ Soundtracks”

Luke 5:27-32


Exploring what Jesus asks people: “Why are you thinking these things in your heart?”

  • The heart is where we believe.
  • The heart is where our Belief System Everything you do flows from it.
  • Our Belief System is what we believe about God, our self, other people and the
  • Our Belief System influences our Soundtracks (the things we tell ourselves), which influences our behavior.
  • Our Belief System can help us see truth or blind us from seeing truth.

Celebrating what Jesus believes about people: What we believe about people affects how we treat people.

  • Jesus sees people others avoid.
  • Jesus sees every person as valuable.
  • Jesus believes people can follow Him and calls them to do so.
  • Jesus accepts people and helps them feel they belong.
  • Jesus knows people are infected by sin.
  • Jesus calls people to repentance.
    • Changing what we believe about God and ourselves is the beginning of following Jesus.

Following what Jesus believes about people: Changing to Jesus’ soundtrack.

  • What soundtracks am I listening to about myself?
  • What soundtracks am I listening to about people?
  • Will I follow Jesus in how I view and treat people?