Help for Hypocrites - Week Two

Sunday, March 03, 2024

Discipleship Questions

“Help for Hypocrites”

Luke 6:41-42


Jesus knew the power of humor to teach truth.

  • The “speck” is small. Those who focus on it are being nitpicky.
  • The “plank” is substantial. Those who miss it are blind.
  • The “contrast” is hilarious. Those who get it will laugh.
  • The “questions” are revealing. Those who use them will grow.

Jesus knew the power of questions to train disciples.

  1. What am I paying attention to?
  • Don’t focus on the flaws in other’s lives; be merciful.
  • Focus on Jesus; learn to love like him.
  • Don’t ignore the sin in your life; confess
  1. Am I aware of my blind spots?
  • Blind spots are visible, but really hard to see in ourselves.
  • Ask God to open your eyes.
  • Ask people to help you see what “you fail to see.”
  1. Where is there hypocrisy in my life?
  • Hypocrisy is not failing to be perfect, it’s pretending to be something you’re not.
  • Ask God to point out hypocrisy in your life.
  • I’m not ready to help others see when I’m living in hypocrisy.
  1. Have I dealt with my sin?
  • Seeing sin in others should cause us to ask “where is there sin in me?”
  • The only remedy for sin is the cross of Christ.
  • When we confess our sin, the blood of Jesus washes away our sin.

Look in the mirror yourself before you look for a flaw in others.