HE>i - Week Three

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Prep Time


Luke 3:15-20


Prepping the way for Jesus is living a “HE>i” kind of life.


When you live a “HE>i kind of life:

  1. You point people to Jesus.
  • Deal with the seduction of success.
  • Live a Jesus-focused life.
  • Talk about Jesus.
  1. You welcome the Holy Spirit poured out by Jesus.
  • The filling of the Spirit empowers us to witness.
  • The fire of the Spirit purifies our hearts.
  • The sword of the Spirit judges our motives.
  • The conviction of the Spirit invites our surrender.
  1. You share the good news of Jesus.
  • Who Jesus is.
  • What Jesus says.
  • What Jesus did.
  1. You are ready to suffer for Jesus.
  • Jesus is worthy.
  • Jesus is worth
  1. You magnify