Greatest Fight of All Time - Week One

Fighting for Your Life

“Greatest Fight of All Time”

Luke 4:1-2a


  1. The Reality of Temptation
    1. Temptations were real for Jesus, so he knows how it feels and is able to help.
    2. Temptation is not sin; giving in is.
    3. Temptation is a fight for your life
      1. You’re not fighting to get or keep eternal life
      2. You’re fighting the attack on abundant life
    4. The Purpose of Temptation
      1. Satan’s purpose: He tempts us to defeat us, discourage us, destroy our walk with God
      2. God’s purpose: He tests us to prepare us, deepen us, strengthen our walk with Him
        1. Every temptation is a test of our trust in God.
        2. Every temptation is an opportunity to grow stronger in God.
      3. The Setting of Temptation
        1. Wilderness times: Often when we are depleted or isolated
        2. Exciting times: coming off an exhilarating
      4. The Effects of Temptation

In every temptation you strengthen or weaken:

  • Your intimacy with God
  • Your trust in God
  • Your ability to fight
  1. The Defeat of Temptation
    1. The Word of God
    2. The Spirit of God