Going Deeper with Jesus - Week One

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Into the Deep

“Going Deeper with Jesus”

Luke 5:1-7


  1. How do you listen to the teaching of the Word of God?
  • Listening to be entertained?
  • Listening to be informed?
  • Listening to be transformed?
  1. Why does Jesus call us to “launch into the deep”?
  • To reveal more of who he is
  • To teach us to trust him

The “deep” is where we learn to trust Jesus.

  1. How do you respond to the call of Jesus to go deeper?
  • Hesitance?
  • Resistance?
  • Obedience?

Jesus takes us deeper in order to make our faith stronger.

  1. When do we struggle with trusting Jesus?
  • When it doesn’t make sense.
  • When we want to do something different.
  • When we’re hurting.
  • When the timing seems bad.

Disciples live “because you say so” lives.

  1. Will you trust Jesus and “launch into the deep”?

The deeper we go with Jesus, the stronger our faith becomes.