God’s great solution for our greatest problem - Week Six

Discipling the Next Generation

“God’s great solution for our greatest problem”

Luke 2:40


  1. The grace Jesus
    1. What is grace?

God’s joyful, unconditional love working in us.

  1. Jesus needed grace because he was a child.
  2. He needed nurturing, teaching, training, empowering grace
  1. The grace kids/disciples

The home is the very best place to learn grace.

  1. The grace that makes kids feel loved, accepted, and secure
  2. The grace that saves, forgives, and redeems
  3. The grace that teaches, trains, and encourages
  4. The grace that strengthens, empowers, and transforms
  1. The grace we
    1. We are children before we are parents.
    2. We can’t give what we don’t have
    3. We can’t pass on what we aren’t living
    4. Every home has a climate; parents are the thermostat
    5. We must remember God’s job, our job and our kid’s job
    6. Grace has the power to do what nothing else can do: transform

Fully grasping God’s grace will transform you and the way you parent.