God’s Christmas Details - Week Three

Getting Ready for Christmas
Luke 2:1-6
“God’s Christmas Details”


Why does Luke record the kinds of details he does about Jesus’ birth?

  • They aren’t details of God’s direct
  • They aren’t details of the labor and delivery.
  • They aren’t details of the setting.

To show us God was working:

  1. through secular events for His sovereign purposes.
  • Common language
  • Current circumstances
  • Leadership decisions
  • Life situations

God is working out His purposes in our world.

  1. through biblical prophecies for His salvific purposes.
  • Jesus fulfills Scriptural heritage of Messiah
  • Jesus fulfills prophetic birthplace of Messiah
  • Jesus fulfills kingly lineage of Messiah

God is working to save us and sanctify us.

  1. through specific details for His strategic purposes.
  • The right place
  • The right people
  • All at the right time

God draws people to the right place at the right time.

God is working out His purposes in our lives with perfect timing. Trust Him.