Full of the Spirit - Week One

Learning to Breathe

“Full of the Spirit”

Luke 4:1


Luke wrote his gospel to give us a clear picture of what Christ was like so as we follow Jesus, we can learn to become like Jesus.


If Jesus lived full of the Spirit, then to be like Him, we need to learn to live full of the Spirit.

  1. We were made to be filled
  • Physiologically
  • Relationally
  • Spiritually
    • Our design: Saturated with the Holy Spirit
    • Our sin: seeking substitute fillings
    • Our need: filled repeatedly and regularly
  1. We were made to live full of God’s Spirit
  • The Holy Spirit is the Breath of God giving us life
    • Inhale: Breathe in God’s truth, grace, peace and love
  • The Holy Spirit is the Presence of God filling our lives
    • Exhale: Breathe out our sin, worry, hurt and fear
  • The Holy Spirit is the Power of God helping us live
    • Convicting, regenerating, sanctifying, empowering, making us more like Christ

If we want to live like Jesus, we need to breathe in the Spirit of Jesus.