Foundational Questions for Disciples - Week One

Sunday, February 25, 2024

 Discipleship Questions

“Foundational Questions for Disciples”

Luke 6:39-40


  1. Who are you following?
  • Blind guides lead to death.
  • Trustworthy guides lead to life.
    • Jesus
    • Holy Spirit
    • Scripture
  1. What are you learning?
  • A disciple is learning the way of Jesus not facts about Jesus.
  • Discipleship is more apprenticeship than scholarship.
  • Disciples follow Jesus to learn from Jesus to become like Jesus.
  1. Are you becoming more like Jesus?
  • The goal of discipleship is Christlikeness.
  • Christlikeness is an ongoing process not a onetime experience.
  1. How are you training?
  • You don’t have to “go someplace” to learn to become like Christ, God has designed our everyday life to help train us to become more like Jesus.
  • The Characteristics are a curriculum for Christlikeness.
  • As we “learn to breathe,” we can cooperate with the Holy Spirit’s work to make us more like Jesus.