Faithful in the Waiting | Week Two (Elyria Campus)

 Act(s) Now

Faithful in the Waiting

Acts 1:12-14



If we want to see a move of God, we must be willing to wait on God.


How can we wait faithfully? Waiting faithfully means waiting with…


  • …active obedience. While waiting, follow what God has already
  • one another. While waiting, find support in the community of faith.
  • …expectant prayer. While waiting, keep your eyes off of yourself and look to God.


Why does God’s plan involve waiting? In waiting, we learn that…


  • God does not carelessly


  • God wants us to depend on Him.


  • God has a purpose for your waiting.


Take Home Truth: God wants us to wait faithfully because He wants us surrendered completely.




Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Trustworthy Steward