Expanding your circle of love to those different than us - Week Four

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Expanding your circle of love to those different than us.

Luke 6:31, 36


  1. How is God Merciful?
    1. He loves us.
    2. He blesses us.
    3. He doesn’t treat us as we deserve.
    4. He rescues us from our sin and shame.
    5. He forgives our sins.
  2. What group of people make up 25 % of the world’s population?     Muslims
  3. The vast majority of Muslims have never met a Christian


    1. Most live far away.
    2. They speak a different language.
    3. We don’t know their culture.
    4. They are different than us.
    5. We are afraid of them.
  1. What percentage of Muslims are Arabs?   20%
  2. Where do we start in reaching out to Muslims?
    1. We start with prayer.
    2. We remember what God has done for us.
    3. We go to them.
    4. We give.
  3. Do we need to earn God’s Mercy?    No
  4. Do Muslims come to Jesus quickly?   Usually no.
    1. Give them time.
    2. Give them grace.
    3. It’s a journey.
  5. Big picture
    1. Are there Honor and Shame issues going on?   Yes
    2. Are there language and cultural things that will trip us up?  Yes
    3. Do you have to face your own prejudices?  Yes
    4. Do you have to perfectly understand them before you share the gospel?  No
    5. You just have to be open to the Lord.  Here I am Lord, use me.