Essential Questions for Parents and Disciples - Week Eight

Discipling the Next Generation

“Essential Questions for Parents and Disciples”

Luke 2:48-50


  1. The identity question:
  • Who am I?
    • Loved, child of God, chosen, redeemed…
  • Who is Jesus?
    • Son of God, Sovereign Lord
  • Who is God?
    • Creator, Sovereign Lord, Holy, Father
  • Who is your child?
    • Do you know?
    • Do they know?
  1. The purpose question:
  • What was Jesus’ purpose?
    • Reveal God as Father
    • Provide salvation
    • Make disciples
  • What is my purpose?
    • to glorify God by becoming more like Christ
  1. The role question:
  • What was Jesus’ role?
    • Child of Joseph and Mary
    • Learner
    • Teacher
    • Savior
  • What is my role?
    • Role of disciple: to follow, learn, and become like Jesus
    • Role of parent: to nurture God-centered kids
    • Role of discipler: to lead people in the adventure of becoming like Christ

Knowing who I am in God brings peace, purpose and freedom.