Easter Sunday | Get Up! - Week Two

People Meeting Jesus

“Get Up!”

Luke 7:11-17


Key “get up” times in history that together tell a story:


  1. Jesus calls a dead person to “get up” out of death.


The Bible uses the same powerful, dramatic word for get up, raised and risen.


  1. God calls a crucified, dead Jesus to “get up” out of the grave.


The resurrection of Jesus is central to every “get up” moment.


  1. God calls us to “get up” out of the deadness of our old life.


The same Spirit that enabled Jesus to “get up” out of the grave is alive in us to enable      us to “get up” out of our sin and shame.


  1. God will call us to “get up” into eternity.


We will be raised up into an eternity apart from Christ or an eternity with Christ.


In the meantime,


  1. God calls us to “get up” into a new way of living.

It’s a life full of His Holy Spirit.

It’s a life of freedom.

God’s “get up” power frees us from sin and enables us to live for Him.

It’s a life of “get up” power.


God’s “get up” times call for His “get up” power.


God has come to help His people by giving them “get up” power.


Which “crowd” are you in today? The crowd of death or the crowd following Jesus?