Deep Healing - Week Three (Elyria Campus)

Sunday, August 06, 2023

Series: Into the Deep

Text: Luke 5:12-16

Title: Deep Healing


The leper’s approach poses the question: What happens when Jesus comes face to face with deep need?

  • In ancient times, leprosy was just as much a relational disease as it was a physical one.
  • Sin has broken our relationships and made us unfit for God’s presence.
  • In his approach, the leper demonstrates a desperate belief: a combination of suffering, faith, humility, and surrender.


Jesus’ response answers the question: He restores the leper, showing that He is both willing and able to save.


  • Jesus uses His body to touch the man, comforting him and affirming his human dignity.
  • Jesus uses His words to reveal God’s heart and to heal the disease.
  • Jesus uses His instruction to restore the man to community with others and communion with God.


Big Idea: Only when we approach Jesus with faith, humility, and surrender do we receive the deep healing that He died to give.


LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. Icebreaker: Share a time when you got in trouble as a kid. How did your parents respond?
  2. What is the most alone or isolated you have ever been? What happened next? What did you find helpful or comforting during that time?
  3. The leper demonstrated a desperate belief in Jesus. What were the four parts that contributed to his desperate belief? Which one of those four do you struggle with the most?
  4. Like the leper, do you have a desperation that drives you to the feet of Jesus? Why do you think that might be?
  5. Have you ever wondered to yourself, “I know God is able, I’m just not sure He is willing to help”? What prompted that question in you?
  6. Why is the fact that Jesus touches the leper so significant? What does that mean for the way we interact with one another as a group?
  7. What’s the danger in treating our healing, or our salvation like it is the end of the story rather than the beginning of an adventure?
  8. As you reflect back over the course of the Into the Deep sermon series, what is one next step that you can take moving forward?