Crossing the line - Week Three (Vermilion Campus)

Sunday, August 06, 2023

Into the Deep

“Crossing the line”

Luke 5:12-16











LifeGroup Questions: Apply the Teaching to Our Life

  1. Read Luke 5:12-16. As we lead others to become like Jesus, what is something about Him, in our passage, that you want to be more like?
  2. The enemy’s main objective is to divide and conquer. In what ways has he used “lines” (political, physical, sexual, financial, spiritual etc.) to divide your marriage, family, church, or community?
  3. How might ‘Christ-in-you’ be leading you to “cross the line” of division to bring healing to that situation?
  4. Read Eph. 2:14-16. If the “wall of hostility” was obliterated by Jesus at the cross and he made peace, why are so many Christians known for their hostility and/or boycotting organizations, people or businesses? Is there a time to ‘cancel’ people to take a stand for Jesus? *groups-please listen with love to people’s answers.
  5. As a follower of Jesus which concerns you more: the world ‘infecting’ you/the church, or you/the church ‘infecting’ the world? What, if anything, needs to change?
  6. If divine connection is the only cure for the human condition, who is someone who feels like an outcast, that Jesus wants you to connect with today?



Christlike Characteristics: C-connected to God in word and prayer. R- relates with other centered love. S- Spirit led servant