Clarifying our Primary Task - Week One

Discipling the Next Generation

“Clarifying our Primary Task”

Luke 2:21


2020-2030 is the Decade of Discipleship


  1. Obeying Jesus’ command to “go make disciples” necessitates making disciples of each succeeding generation.

Being a disciple

…who makes disciples…

…who make disciples…

  1. Parenting IS discipleship.
  • Every parent is discipling/training their kids.
    • The question is: “training them to be & do what?”
  • Parenting is “discipling the next generation.”
  1. Why does the Gospel of Luke even bother to mention circumcision?
  • It was a physical sign of the covenant between God and the Jewish people.
  • It was a part of God’s overall training plan for His children.
  • It was a custom to be observed in every succeeding generation.
  • It was an act of parents obeying God.
  • It was always done with naming the child.
    • Identity: Who we are
    • Belonging: Whose we are
  1. The lesson for us is not circumcision, but to see that:
  • Jesus’ parents were committed to parent Jesus like God had commanded.
  • Jesus’ parents provide a great model for godly parenting.
  • The primary task of parenting: to nurture God-centered
  • The primary task of discipling: to help someone become like Christ (the best model of a God-centered life.)