Born and raised - Week Four (Vermilion Campus)

Sunday, April 02, 2023

Prep Time

“Born and raised”

Luke 3: 21-37









Christlike characteristics: Relates with other centered love.

Life group questions:

1: How was love and encouragement (or lack of) expressed from your parents?

2: How has love and encouragement (or lack of) been expressed to you by God?

3: Read Eph. 1:4-14. How many things can you find that God says about our identity/who we are? How do these things line up with your view of yourself/ others?

4: Read Jeremiah 31:3. How has God’s everlasting love for you (even when you sin) shaped your love for others (even when they sin)?

5: Who is someone who needs reminded that you love them?

6: Who is someone that needs reminded you are proud of them?

*End group by texting or calling those people and reminding them of your love or how they’ve made a difference in your life.