Bleeding Knees and Planting Seeds - Week Five

Fighting for Your Life

“Bleeding Knees and Planting Seeds”

Luke 4:14-22


  1. The majority of mothering is behind the scenes.
  • Some of the greatest things mothers do are hidden in obscurity.
  1. The pain of mothering is often unseen.
  • Some of the greatest pain in life happens in mothering.
  1. The ministry of mothering is planting seeds.
  • Mothers create the habits of the home.
    • Moms, make it a habit of your home to go to church.
  • We plant seeds by what we say, what we do and what we pray.
    • Moms, your greatest ministry is to pray for your kids.
  1. The battle of mothering is won on your knees.
  • Some of the greatest battles ever, happen in prayer.
  • Never forget: the battle belongs to God. Nothing can stand against the power of our God!