Anticipation | Week Two (Avon Lake Campus)

Act(s) Now


Acts 1:12-24



Embrace anticipation.



Embrace anticipation through obedience.


Obedience aligns us with the will and work of God.




Embrace anticipation in community.


We are followers following among followers.




Embrace anticipation through prayer.


We pray because God is going to move!







LifeGroup Questions:  Applying the Teaching to Our Life

  1. What stood out from the message?
  2. What’s something you have waited for in anticipation?
  3. Why is obedience important?
  4. What role does obedience play in a Christian saved by grace?
  5. Why is community important?
  6. How has Christian community blessed you? Tell stories!
  7. Why is prayer important?
  8. What does it look like to embrace anticipation through prayer?
  9. What’s a lesson we can learn from the early church?