A Vision for Spiritual Growth - Week Two

What’s Your Next Step?

“A Vision for Spiritual Growth”

John 15:1-8


  1. Jesus casts a vision for a life of spiritual growth.
  • He is the Vine. The Vine is the source of spiritual growth.
  • The Father is the Gardener. He’s actively working to help us bear fruit.
  • We are the branches.
    • We are made to bear fruit.
    • Fruit is Christlikeness. (Fruit of the Spirit)
    • Fruit is making disciples.
  1. Jesus casts a vision for the essential step of spiritual growth.
  • You will only grow and bear fruit as you remain in Christ.
  • ‘Remain’ means ‘stay connected to the Vine.
  • We stay connected through the Word and Prayer.
  • What’s your next step in ‘staying connected’?
    • Next Step Survey
    • Action Plan for your stage
  1. Jesus casts a vision for four stages of fruitfulness.
  • No fruit (could be compared to: Beginning in Christ)
  • Some fruit (could be compared to: Young in Christ)
  • More fruit (could be compared to: Maturing in Christ)
  • Much fruit (could be compared to: Reproducing in Christ)
  1. Jesus casts a vision for the goal of bearing much fruit.
  • God is working in your life to help you flourish. (He’s the Gardener!)
  • God is committed to do whatever it takes to produce the fruit of spiritual growth in your life. (lifting, pruning, etc.)
  • What’s your next step in “staying connected”?




Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected to God through the Word and Prayer