A Trustworthy Steward Tithes – Week Four

Sermon Notes

Adventure of Trust
“A Trustworthy Steward Tithes”
Malachi 3:10

  1. What is Tithing?
    • Returning to God a tenth of our income
    • trust training tool
  2. Who Should Tithe?
    • People in relationship with God
  3. Why Do We Tithe?
    • To obey God by returning what belongs to Him
    • To learn to trust God by putting Him first
    • To support ministry and finance the mission
  4. Where Do We Tithe?
    • Storehouse
    • Spiritual leadership
    • Where the local church gathers
  5. When Should We Tithe?
    • Whenever you get paid
  6. How Do We Tithe?
    • Gratefully
    • Systematically
    • Trusting God

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Trustworthy steward of God’s Resources/Living Surrendered


LifeGroup Questions

  1. Check in: How has God been using your devotional time?
  2. Icebreaker: If you had it your way, what is your favorite thing to do right after your paycheck comes in?
  3. What is something you hesitated to buy that paid off later?
  4. Which of these responses sounds most like you when you consider tithing:
    • “I just can’t afford to tithe right now.”
    • “I really don’t understand why tithing matters. The church seems fine.”
    • “It’s God’s money, I can’t imagine not tithing.”
  5. Why do you think it is so rare for Christians to tithe?
  6. Have a look at the mock planning form.
    Do you think this family could tithe? How?
  7. If God doesn’t need our money, why should we tithe?
  8. How might your life be different if you decided to spend your money exactly as you think God would spend it if He were in your place?
  9. Do you find in your life that you give God the “crumbs” (of your time, of your money) or the first fruits?
  10. Read Matthew 6:25-34. How have you experienced God’s provision?
    Share the story!