A Trustworthy Steward is Faithful – Week Six

Sermon Notes

Adventure of Trust
“A Trustworthy Steward is Faithful”
Matthew 22:37-40; 25:14-30; 5:3-12

  1. We have one job – We are stewards.
  2. Trustworthy stewards are faithful.
  3. Why + What + How = Faithful Stewardship
  4. The “why” of faithful stewardship (Matthew 22:37-40)
    Why = Loving God and others.
  5. The “what” of faithful stewardship. (Matthew 25:14-30)
    What = Our lives (Our timetalent, and treasure.)
  6. The “how” of faithful stewardship (Matthew 5:3-12)
    1. Faithfulness is being receptive to recognizing that your time, talent, and treasure are not your own. (Matthew 5:3-6)
    2. Faithfulness is being dependable to use our time, talent and treasure for God’s purpose. (Matthew 5:7-11)
    3. Faithfulness is being congruent with our desire and effort to use our time, talent and treasure for God’s purpose.
    4. How = (disposition of the heart)

LifeGroup Questions

  1. Check in: How has God been using your devotional time?
  2. Icebreaker: What is the best gift you’ve ever given?
  3. What one word would you use to describe your giving?
  4. What blessing is there in giving?
    How have you experienced this blessing in your own life?
  5. What’s the difference between giving more than you can afford and spending more than you can afford?
  6. How do you define generosity?
    How does that compare with how God defines it?
    (Check out Lk 21:1-4 for Jesus’ definition.)
  7. What would you say is your main motivation for giving?
  8. How do you know when to give?
  9. Looking at the mock planning form, what (if anything) seems to be out of balance?
  10. What would you tell this family to help them use, save and enjoy their money better?
    What is one way that you could grow in that area?