A cosmic collision in the water - Week Four (Elyria Campus)

Sunday, April 02, 2023

Prep Time

A cosmic collision in the water

Luke 3:21-38


Heresies and the Heart: why would Jesus be baptized?

Two reasons a person might believe that Jesus sinned.

  1. Irresponsible interpretation of scripture
  2. A desire to keep distance from Jesus
  3. _____________________________


Easter Eggs and other curiosities: the questions that Luke forces us to ask

Your question________________________________________________


Luke is trying to draw the reader’s attention to the Exodus story as the backdrop


Homeless birds and broke people: retracing the story of god’s people


As Jesus prepares for his ministry God is also preparing his people to hear his call.


Cake Batter: The genealogy that ties it all together.

The genealogy serves two purposes

  1. Verifying the truth claim that Jesus is the Son of God
  2. To ground his Title to all of humanity


The Bird King: a peculiar inauguration


The Baptism of Jesus was both the beginning of his ministry, and also served as a sign that the King was taking humanity by the hand and guiding us towards the Kingdom



Identity and identification: Fully God Fully Human


  1. Jesus’ identity is the Son of God
  2. Jesus identifies with the Children of God



Stirring the muddy water: the heart of baptism


  1. Being baptized in Christ means being immersed in the depths of both human need and God's love.