Friday–February 24, 2023

Reading God’s Word: Psalm 55

Memorizing God’s Word: Psalm 56:3, When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.  

Reviewing Exodus: Overview Part One | Overview Part Two

Meditating on God’s Word:   Please use your devotional time to catch up on your reading of Exodus, and to review and meditate on how God has spoken to you in your reading.  Is there anything that God is prompting you to press into?  If nothing else comes to mind, spend a few moments resting in His love for you.

Praying God’s Word: Lord, in Exodus we learned of your continued covenant relationship with the Israelites: deliverance from slavery in Egypt, the Ten commandments on Mt Sinai, the building of the Tabernacle, and Your moving into the Tabernacle. I wish to form a deeper relationship with You, just as You formed a special relationship with the Israelites. Thank you for enabling me to come into fellowship with the God of Eternity.