Life Group Questions: Applying the Teaching to Your Life

Do you tend to argue with, put up with or turn off a speaker you don’t agree with?

Tell your group of a time when a teaching from the Bible offended you.

Tell your group of a time where you really struggled understanding a particular teaching of Jesus.

How does our spiritual maturity affect how we hear the Word of God?

How might you “savor” the words of Jesus?

As a group ask God to fill each of you with His Spirit to give you understanding and discernment and help you grow in spiritual maturity.

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“Words of Life”

John 6:60-64

1. The words of Jesus can seem hard to understand or accept.

Our spiritual condition affects how we hear.

Our spiritual maturity affects how we hear.

2. The words of Jesus must be fully digested into our lives.

His words must be heard, believed, absorbed and obeyed.

His words will change you and give you life.

3. The words of Jesus are life because they are full of the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the Breath of God giving us life.

The Holy Spirit opens our eyes to understand God’s Word.

The Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin and self-centeredness.

The Holy Spirit changes us and then helps us grow.

The Holy Spirit breathes into us the life of Christ through the words of Christ.

Savor every word. Your life depends on it.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Connected to God through the Word and Prayer/Loving God