Life group questions: Applying the teaching to our life
1. Have you ever been to the ocean? What is one of your favorite memories from visiting there?
2. Very plainly the Jewish leaders accuse Jesus of claiming to be equal with God. Is Jesus God? Explain your answer.
3. From our text we learned that God is always working. How have you seen Him, in hindsight, working in your life from the beginning?
4. Without God, like Jesus, we can do nothing. What are the parts of your life your life you are trying to make it without Him?
5. Belief in Jesus results in crossing over from death to life. Are you ‘alive’ in Christ? What does that mean to you?
6. “Who do you think you are?” is a valid question. What is your answer? What is God’s answer?
7. What is your group’s plans to stay connected during the hectic summer months? Set some dates before you leave and pray together for God to keep you connected to each other and him.

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“Who Do You Think You Are?”
John 5: 9b-24

Jesus is in a relationship with the Father.
Jesus is always working.
Jesus does nothing by himself.
Jesus does what he sees the Father doing.
Jesus brings the dead to life.
Hearing Jesus isn’t enough. We must believe.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Relates with Other-Centered Love/Loving People