LifeGroup Questions: Applying the Teaching to Our Lives

  1. This was the last sermon in John. Try to think back over some of the series in the Gospel of John over the past 3 years. Was there one series that stood out to you, or that God used to do something particularly meaningful in you?
  2. Point 1 is that John was captivated by Jesus. Would you say you are captivated by Jesus? Be honest. If not, what word would you use in its place?
  3. Read John 21:25 again. John says “Jesus did many other things” (besides the miracles and teaching, how he died and was resurrected.) Apart from Jesus saving you, what would you say are some of the most important “other things” Jesus has done in your life?
  4. Do you tend to talk about Jesus as a historical figure in the Bible or a living person with whom you have a relationship? Explain.
  5. John spends his whole Gospel explaining, arguing, and seeking to persuade people about Jesus’ identity. Why is getting Jesus’ identity right so important? Can a person who denies that Jesus is God be saved?
  6. Pastor said in the sermon that John “lived in the reality of being loved by Jesus.” Do you? How does that affect your life?

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“When Jesus Gives You Life”
John 21:25

What we learn about John from his gospel:

1. He was captivated by Jesus

        a. Jesus is Messiah, God in the flesh

        b. John experienced the life Jesus came to give

2. He understood the meaning and importance of believing in Jesus

        a. Believing is a process, a choice & a lifestyle

        b. What we believe about Jesus

        c. Why we believe in Jesus

3. He was a committed disciple of Jesus

        a. He followed Jesus

        b. He learned from Jesus

        c. He became more like Jesus

4. He grasped the significance of love for Jesus

        a. He lived in the reality of being loved by Jesus

        b. Love is the mark of a disciple of Jesus.

When Jesus gives you life, use that life to love.

Core CHRISTlike Characteristic: Relates with Other-Centered Love/Loving People